Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ta-Dah! Errandonnee Accomplished!

Here is the challenge:

12 errands, 12 days, using 7 out of 11 categories, none more than twice, two at night. Must show photos or proof of errand, and night errands must show lights.

Category 1

Bike Shop   2/11

Category 2
Breakfast/Lunch (See note from Sarah on previous blog)


Category 3

2/11 Starbucks North Point

2/17 Starbucks Fox Mill

Category 4
Community Meeting (in this case PTSA) 2/09

Category 5 -- NOT USED

Category 6
Grocery Store
It doesn't look like it was at night because the shopping center
is way over-lit. But as soon as I left the parking lot, my lights
were barely adequate.

2/11 North Point Giant
2/17  Fox Mill Giant

Category 7
Any store NOT a grocery store

Office Depot 2/11

Category 8
Personal Care and Health

Bank   2/12

Category 9

Library   2/11

Category 10

Work (Tutoring counts)   2/15

Category 11
Wild Card

2/12  Post Office

2/15  SLHS Basketball Tournament Concessions

So, since that was exhausting to re-live and for you to peruse, here are my quick lessons learned overall.

1.  This was a lot of fun. Shows me how easy it is to do errands via the bike.
2.  When I'm challenged, it is suddenly NOT too cold or too wet to ride.
3.  There IS such a thing as too dark for me to ride and I know that now.
4.  I'm not going to invest in high dollar lights to remedy #3. My schedule is such that I can do all my errands in the day.
5.  No dinners via bicycle since I'm the only one in the family riding bikes. Maybe during the summer I can get my son to go with me.  Of course I can - if I'm buying dinner!
6.  After looking at other Errandonneurs' blogs, I am so glad I live in the South. Even though it was 26 as I was riding home, I wasn't jumping snow drifts or dodging ice patches.

More observations tomorrow.  Probably not a bit more insightful than these. ;-) Happy Presidents' Day!

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Mary said...

Way to go! That sounds like it was fun! :)