Friday, April 11, 2014

Another Great Biking Day

Did a quick 10 miles out to Ashburn to meet with my dear friend Kayo.  The hardest part of this ride is getting to and from the W&OD. I start on the trail behind my house, then go on a local road, trying to avoid SUV's in the Kiss & Ride at the local elementary school. I cross a major arterial (with the light) and then get on a path that parallels that arterial.  Technically, it's a sidewalk and I shouldn't be riding on it -- especially since I'm riding against traffic.  BUT, there's no sidewalk on the other side, and no safe way to stay on the road as it's 45mph!

So, I ride that to the W&OD Trail and head west.  From there's it's easy-peasy until I get to Ashburn and turn off the trail.  Again I'm on local roads, but they're not very busy. And (I confess) I cut through a couple of car dealership parking lots on the way.

So, round trip 20.2 miles.  Today I saw dozens of cardinals and mockingbirds.  At one point I saw what looked like a little worship service with 3 or 4 squirrels and the same number of birds gathered around. Someone must have spilled some seeds!

When I got back to my neighborhood trail behind the house, just before I would have turned off, I saw a deer out of the corner of my eye, calmly munching on my neighbor's newly emerging spring foliage.  I just smiled.

Hope your day is awesome and your weekend is even more so!


The Bug said...

What a great ride! Love all the critters you saw :)

Mary said...

Beautiful! Over 20 miles??? Amazing! I had to smile at the "Kiss & Ride"...perfect description!