Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wild Goose Chase

You might wonder where I've been.  Of course, as haphazard as I am in posting, perhaps no one even checks anymore.  That's okay.  I've had to accept that blogging is for my own good (or not), not to stroke my ego.

Even so, we've been busy.  We had a sweet Danish girl stay with us for 10 days, then my daughter left for college.  We're in the throes of football pre-season.  Tonight is the first real Varsity game against the team that gets raw meat thrown to them from when they're little ... just kidding, but the school is huge and the players are huge.  Our school, is at the lowest end of the bracket in terms of population vs. this school which is at the top.  It's kind of like your just-turned-8 year old swimming against kids that will be 12 right after the season ends.  David and Goliath...but hey, David beat Goliath, so we can be optimistic, and certainly supportive, right?  I'm just praying for no injuries.  Our JV playing their JV last night lost one of our bright stars to a concussion.  Grrr...

You know I love my bike, so I've been continuing my obsession. My friend and I decided to bike the Wild Goose Chase ride through Blackwater Wildlife Refuge in October.  It's a women-only event!  We're going to try to do the 40+ miles.  I've started extending my rides.  I did 15 on Monday, 20 on Tuesday, rested yesterday, and just got back from 12 easy ones.  Moreover, I figured out how to change my own flat tire this morning.  Thank God for youtube videos I watched earlier!

I've also started being more conscious of my intake.  I use the Lose It! app on my phone to record calories.  Can I say I LOVE the scan barcode feature?  Restaurants are a little problematic, but I estimate high.  So between MapMyRide and Lose It, and the great weather we've had, I haven't been spending much time on the computer...or even in the house.

And now, (drum roll please), I'm 12 lbs lighter to show for it.  We're attending a friend's son's wedding on October 7, and my goal is to "have" to get a new dress!  As long as the weather cooperates, that's definitely doable.

How about you -- what are you doing to be self-indulgent these days?

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Great Unveiling

Here's the bathroom.  First, the before photos.  Next, the after photos.  NOTE:  It has not been decorated and we haven't hung the towel racks.  But you can see the HUGE improvement.  What you can't see is that in the before photos -- we had the circa 70's one inch tile in brown, white, and speckled.  At least when the kids barfed it blended into the floor.  Sigh.

The pink towel reflected in the mirror is hanging on a towel rack on a solid wall -- all the way to the ceiling.
This vanity went from end to end on this wall.

Yes, the 4x4 tiles really are yellow.  Ick.


See that half wall?  My idea -- privacy but not a barrier to the whole room!  I'm going to cap it with a piece of wood laminate to match the vanity.

If you click on the photo you can see the detail work in the tile, and the color of the vanity (it's more a lovely brown teak)