Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It Takes All Kinds

My son and I went to his middle school orientation today. He starts 7th grade next week. After we figured out where he would go to his classes and how to get around we finally got in line to purchase his P.E. uniform. There were two lines and we were told that it didn't matter which one we were in -- cash or check. We got about half-way up and found out that it did matter and we were in the wrong line. Sigh.

We got in the correct line and stood sandwiched between two really diverse sets of people. Behind us were the typical Northern Virginia "parents of precocious children" talking in a voice loud enough for everyone around them to hear. The subject: their children's precocity. I hear this so much around here I just started to tune out. (Although to be fair I have been guilty of bragging about my kids, so slap me with a wet noodle).

I turned toward the other direction and what an experience. There was a couple in front of me who were clearly my age (late 40's) and would have fit in perfectly in L.A. She was dressed in those little spiky open shoes with a perfect french pedicure. She had on black tights, covered by a black YOGA type dress. She didn't look like a 20-something in it, but she didn't look bad. She had lots of jewelry, a great "BAG" and lots of makeup. She also had a fabulous mane of hair that looked totally . . . false. With her was a tall man wearing Levis 505's, a button-down shirt that was casually tucked in, no belt, and a lot of long hair, only it was thinning and looked kind of sad. He actually looked a little like Mick Jagger through his facial features.

Then a young teen girl came over to join them. She dressed like my daughter -- not LA at all, but that dressed-down-not-concerned-about-labels look. She actually kind of looked like my daughter, with straight brown hair (okay, it was several shades of brown, but still cool) and very cool glasses. In short, she didn't look like a clone of her mom -- which is what I would have expected.

As I watched them interact I realized that this mom and dad loved their daughter just the way I love my kids. No matter what their personal dress codes, they were obviously letting their daughter find her own way with what she is comfortable wearing. It was very cool, and I was blessed watching the loving relationship between them.

Then it was my turn to plunk down cash and leave. But I'll be watching at the school during events to see if I see them again. I think I want to get to know them. They're so NON-Northern Virginia, it's very appealing.

I wonder what that guy does for a living. Maybe he really is a rock star...maybe he knows Mick Jagger!

Speaking of Mick Jagger -- I think this song is vaguely Christian. If you know different, please don't tell me...



Anonymous said...

I so like it when kids can be individuals and not be a mini mom or dad :)

Charlene Amsden said...

What Thom said -- and I just looked up the lyrics to that tune. There isn't anything objectionable about them, but I am having trouble marrying the concept of "Rolling Stones" with "Christian Music".

(But I do like the Stones!)