Monday, September 14, 2009

Take This Tune

Each Friday, Jamie posts a music video for us to think about and respond to, with a blog link due on Monday. She calls it Take This Tune. It's easy to play and you get to revisit some interesting music clips! Feel free to play along.

This week's was an Earth, Wind & Fire clip. It was September, a classic tune that got stuck in my head and had me bopping around the house. It didn't really provoke anything this week other than absolute incredulousness regarding the stage costumes the guys wore. Oh my goodness! How many colors can you put on one outfit? Stripes, shiny, and capes. They look pretty ridiculous now, but in the 1960's I guess they looked normal. I mean, look at the gross caricatures of clothing Elvis wore. Must have been the drugs.

It is interesting how our brains try to make sense of lyrics we don't catch. For years, I've tried to make sense of "Ba de ya" -- and now I discover it is what it sounds like. I don't know if it has another meaning. There are so many songs from that era in which I'm clueless as to lyrics, it's nice to know that this time a nonsense sound really was just that.

Thanks, Jamie!



Durward Discussion said...

Thanks for taking part. The Disco era of the late 70s was something else for colors and costumes. For another taste of the era, you will love what Linda did with the prompt.

Anonymous said...

September is always the first song I think of with EW&F. I loved them and I love the disco era. Colors and all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

Billie Greenwood said...

It is kind of embarrassing to look at those clothes now and remember that we used to think they were cool.