Friday, May 11, 2012

Different Worlds

The senior girl is home this morning since her next exam doesn't begin until noon.  I heard her folding laundry downstairs so I went to the family room.  How did I hear her, you ask?  Well, she always puts something on to watch while she folds.  Today it was Phineas & Ferb.  Yeah, she's almost 18.  At any rate, I grabbed a stack of clothes and went back upstairs to the "adult" zone where I could hear "intelligent radio" still playing.  Between those two zones I walked through a cloud of Axe cologne, left behind from the Exchange Student's 6:30 am exit.

I'm thinking there's some kind of message in there somewhere.  From kid TV to Intelligent Radio with a big cloud of peer-pressure advertising driven cologne purchase in between.

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The Bug said...

Hmmm - I got nothing. But it is interesting :)