Sunday, October 31, 2010

Perfect Sunset

Yesterday evening was the last regular season football game for my son.  It was a great game, under the lights at the High School stadium, hard-fought. Our team ultimately prevailed but they had to work to get there, which is good as it prepares them for the play-offs they'll be going to later this week.  The real treat though, was because we were up high on the stadium bleachers, I got the most amazing sunset photos.



Sweet Tea said...

Absolutely BEAUTY-LI-CIOUS sunset. Thanks for sharing it. Soooo much beauty this time of the year, and being a good Blogger you had your camera with you. Yay!!

The Bug said...

I have a couple of similar sunset pictures on my post from yesterday - the sky was AMAZING here - and the pink went all the way around, not just where the sun was going down.

quilly said...

Glorious colors!