Saturday, July 16, 2011

Canoe Canoe?

With the days without children slipping away, we decided to take the canoe out Thursday afternoon.  It was an absolutely perfect day (this was the same afternoon of the marvelous bike ride).  Our community has a few (small) man-made lakes that were created years ago to manage the stormwater system.  Two are pretty hard to get into (can you say portage?).  I think that was deliberate -- the more expensive homes are on the shores of those.  One of the great things about our lakes is that only electric power motors are allowed on them, so the wakes are small and the speeds are low.  One of the mixed blessings is that there's no swimming allowed (except during the Triathlon).

At any rate, this is Lake Audubon and some of the views from the water.

Biggie this!


The Bug said...

What a great day! Love your pictures from the lake.

Sweet Tea said...

What a fun day and beautiful scenery. Keep this memory and bring it out again in February!

Mary said...

Beautiful! I was almost afraid to "biggie" that last picture after your run-in with the snake!