Thursday, July 14, 2011

Perfect Weather

We had a gullywasher, thunderboomer of a storm yesterday afternoon. During a lull I went up to get the mail. As I was standing there, I heard one of those cracks of thunder that sounds like the sky is ripping open. I sort of half expected to see Jesus descending on a cloud, but I didn't hear trumpets, so I scurried back inside.

This morning the storm detritus is everywhere, but the air is clean and cool, and I took advantage of it. I rode up to the post office to mail a package (the backpack was a lot more fun AFTER I mailed it!). Then I found three caches on the way back home. It was about 10 miles round trip.

One of them was in the lovely little garden where I met the snake last month.  Today, no snake, but gorgeous scenery. My skills (and the iPhone camera) do not do justice to the beauty and tranquility of this little slice of our town.  Enjoy!

This was a very cool bridge -- it had glass blocks
at child's eye level. One was engraved with this
poem, Water, by Emerson


The Bug said...

Lovely! I hope Dr. M & I can do a ramble this weekend, if it's not too hot.

I'm on page 60 - THOROUGHLY enjoying the book, but pacing myself. I forgot to bring your questions with me today so I'll read through it again with them in mind later.

Sweet Tea said...

I have NEVER seen a plant like that flat pancake looking one, I think #6. That is so strange and beautiful. Is it a succulent?
Turn you loose with your phone/camera and you find all sorts of amazing things.
Thanks for sharing this!

SouthLakesMom said...

Bug -- thanks! Glad you're enjoying it so far!

Sweet Tea -- I think that's what the light pink flower (the first one) looks like before it's a flower ... but I couldn't find anything "in between" they were either pods or flowers!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Those are some pretty unique plants. I've never seen some of those before. You have a great eye for capturing beauty!

Anonymous said...

Your iPhone did a great job I think...well you did. How beautiful these are. I love that glass bridge. It's awesome. They all are actually. Have a good weekend :)