Thursday, December 15, 2011

Big, slow exhale

Today is the day. At 4pm today, the buyers for my mother-in-law's house will meet with my brother-in-law, the Trustee, and all the other assorted individuals required to be there, and we will be finished with the sale.

The end part (this week) has been a real goat-rope.  Lots of last minute stuff. It really sounded like Buyer's Remorse. They're first time buyers and very prickly about stuff, even though the house was marketed "AS IS". Some stuff we HAD to do -- like Radon and Termite remediation.

They had a home inspection and stipulated in the contract that it was just for their own information. Then they came back and asked for a price reduction.  In my best lawyerly way, I responded via our agent for the family. "We accounted for the fact that it's a 40 year old house when we priced it as we did.  NO."  There was no more discussion about price reduction.

Then an issue arose with our Home Owners' Assn (HOA).  The Design Review Board said we needed to remove some diagonal supports from the deck as they were not in compliance with HOA rules.  My husband was all set to do it, but all I could see was liability in the future.  I mean, supports are just that, right?  The County laws require such braces on free standing decks (which this is and has to be because of the design of the house).  So we had a deck designer come look at it.  She said we could remove them -- that it wouldn't make a difference structurally.  So I let him proceed.  Then the buyers wanted a qualified engineer to certify that the deck is fine without them.  Finally, yesterday at 5pm, we got that in writing.

So, perhaps, as of about 5 today, we will be free of the nightmare of selling a house in this economy. And my daughter will not worry so much about applying to out of state schools.

And I can get back to baking cookies and getting ready for Christmas.


The Bug said...

Good luck! I sure hope it goes off without a hitch :)

Mary said...

Hope the rest of it goes smoothly.

Sweet Tea said...

I hope it all moves forward smoothly now. Who needs this stress around Christmas??!!