Thursday, December 22, 2011

Checkin' Out for Christmas

Trying to go simpler this year.  Here it is the 22nd and I'm finished with shopping, decorating, and am full of peace. The kids' vacation started today, and my mom arrives later this evening.

God is good ALL the time.  ALL the time, God is good.

But, if you need a little perspective on this whole Christmas stuff, check out this link:

I'll see you in 2012.


Sweet Tea said...

It sounds perfect.
I also cut back on some things this year and am loving it!
Merry Christmas!

christopher said...

I think the whole world could use a Silent Night.

Mary said...

Merry Christmas!

The Bug said...

Hope you had a great Christmas!

Robin said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea. I hope you had a beautiful, meaningful holiday season my friend, and I wish you a new year full of all things good.

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