Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Biker Chic(k)

I love my bicycle.  I love everything about it.  I bought it in 1989 in Germany and it was a high dollar purchase back then.  Under the tutelage of my friend K, who knew a LOT more about bikes than I, I selected the shimano brakes and gears, the bianchi frame, and the amazing paint job.  It's a road bike, so it's designed to tour Europe in a leisurely fashion.  It rides very smoothly, but it's very light to carry and maneuver.

This past year or so I've really gotten back into it.  Part of the reason is that riding at top speed down one of the hills here is the closest I'll ever get to flying on my own.

Another great thing that has energized my riding is the Map My Ride app.  I love seeing how far I've gone and how fast and how the elevation has changed.  Then I flip over to the "Lose It!" app and plug in numbers and voila -- weight control.

About three weeks ago I decided I was going to get serious about getting some weight off.  I'd been riding but not in a determined fashion.  I read a sign in the bike store that said "riding 4 miles per day equals 10 pounds of lost fat per year."

I reasoned that was without any other lifestyle changes.  So I quit drinking red wine (yes, again) and started being more aware of what I eat, and began riding at least 4 miles per day.  Usually it's more like 8.  There are days like yesterday where I don't ride any, but mostly it's between 8 and 10.  And guess what?  My clothes already fit better.

I ride on a combination of trails, sidewalks, roads and bike lanes.  I've had people yell at me on all different types of surfaces but I figure they're just envious of the freedom the bike gives me.   I'm very aware of the traffic patterns in my environment and I know where it is safe to be on the road and where it is NOT -- and there are a few tunnels I avoid as well.

And have you seen the cool colors for visibility?  I have bright green, yellow, orange and red moisture wicking shirts to ride in, padded shorts, and a good helmet.

Now if we can only get people who actually RIDE bicycles to design the places we park them, and it will be easier to do our shopping this way too!  What's wrong with this photo?

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The Bug said...

Um, the bike would be blocking the ATM machine wouldn't it?

Good for you! I've started on my own health journey, but I've got a ways to go before I feel like I'm getting fit. I'm just trying to walk more than 20 minutes at a time right now!