Sunday, June 3, 2012

My County's Finest

I volunteered this morning as a Bike Marshal during my town's Sprint Triathlon.  A sprint triathlon is named for the distances, not the company (although if you were Sprint, wouldn't you jump on THAT opportunity for sponsorship?).  Usually when we have police support we get the auxiliary and (ahem) senior members of the force.  Today I was luckier than that!

I met up with the officer directing traffic at 6:45 am.  Although I had a chair and an iPhone to play with while I waited for the first cyclists to come through (so he didn't really have to come talk to me), he actually got out of his vehicle and came over to talk.  Can I tell you he was young and cute?  I was running through my "single girls" list in my head trying to come up with the right match.

He was unfailingly courteous (even when some drivers were not) and actually talked -- real conversation.  If you've ever spent time with a cop you know that's rare.  We talked about our high school and the trails I usually ride (he's a cycle cop when he's not on events) and he confirmed my suspicions about a couple of things in our area that have been concerns to parents (like which stores I don't want my kids going into because the students who do go in there are getting a reputation for being petty thieves).

At any rate, I was so happy to support our local event, and interacting with this guy made it even better.  I was so inspired by the cyclists that I went for a ride with my son this afternoon.  Woo-hoo!


Mary said...

And I bet it didn't hurt that he was young and cute! (Yes, I know that was a shallow comment!!!) ;)
Policemen can give you a lot of insight to the area where you live, for sure!

The Bug said...

What a nice diversion for you! And I mean that in all the possible ways - ha!

I've been trying to get back into shape - I am SO unfit that it's slow going. I'm walking about 30 minutes a day, in 15 minute increments. Once I feel a little more fit I'm going to rent a bicycle & go riding with Mike!