Wednesday, July 1, 2009

23 Weeks?

My son had an orthodontist appointment yesterday and my iPod Touch was out of juice so I had to read the magazines. Eschewing Highlights magazine for something less mature, I picked up People. It was the May 18, 2009 issue. I flipped through and came upon a VERY interesting article.

It profiled six young people who, when they were born, were micro-preemies. Their names and data:

Born at 23 weeks; 1 lb. 8 oz.

Born at 25 weeks; 1 lb. 13 oz.

Born at 24½ weeks; 1 lb. 13 oz.

Born at 26 weeks; 2 lbs. 2 oz.

Born at 25 weeks; 1 lb. 14 oz.

Born at 24 weeks; 1 lb. 4 oz.

They range in age now from 18 to 22. All of them defied enormous odds against their very survival, and even greater odds against having the vibrant lives they each live today.

So...taking the earliest born, what if someone had decided back in 1989 that April Palo was a "fetus" at 23 weeks and not a "child?"

Here's the whole article about these amazing young people and the gifted doctor and excellent hospital that lies behind their stories. This article should stop and make us think about what we're saying when we advocate that abortion has nothing to do with killing a child.

Is it a fetus if it's not wanted, but a child if it is? I think we need to be careful what kind of bright lines we draw in life. They might just be the line that cuts off someone else's oxygen.

Photo from People Magazine



Liza said...

My nephew was only 3.something pounds when he was born and a preemie too. Now he is 23, a six footer and is starting a career. I've to agree with you, one must really be careful. Great post!

Take a coffee break...

Anonymous said...

I for one do not believe in abortion. All deserve a chance :)

Gattina said...

That's marvelous that they survived, but apparently they were wanted that's why the parents did all to keep them alive. Unwanted children have not that chance, they are badly treated or given away, that's always a question of who pays at the end. There are so many abused and unwanted children in the world who have to suffer because they had to be born.