Thursday, July 30, 2009

Three Word Thursday

Three Word Thursday is back! Yippee! Here's an update of Alice and Brian's story. First, the words:

Sevidical - (Adjective) Speaking in a harsh or cruel manner.

Morsicant – (Adjective) Producing the sensation of repeated biting

Veteratorian – subtle

Next, the rules. Go to see Quilly and follow her directions!

Finally, the story:

A month had passed since Brian’s arrest, but nothing had come from the D.A.’s office. Every few days one of the investigators would call Alice and have her bring Brian back for more questions. None of them made any sense and the constant harassment prevented him from being able to focus on work or anything else. Alice’s experience as a defense attorney told her that the longer the DA’s office had to bring charges, the worse it would be for Brian so she decided to nose around on her own and headed over to the hospital.

Alice’s former roommate Liz worked in the pathology lab. As she poked her head in the door, Alice sang out, “hey Liz, can I buy you lunch?” Liz flashed a bright smile and answered, “What a veteratorian way to squeeze my secrets out, Alice! But sure, I’ll let you buy me lunch.”

The two women drew admiring glances as they chatted in the dining room of the hospital. Alice was willowy with reddish brown hair and sparkling green eyes. Liz was Brazilian with creamy latte skin and shining black hair, except where she had a bright pink streak in it. She called the streak her "rebellion." Her entire personality vibrated through the way she used her hands while she talked. One of Alice’s favorite things about her friend was Liz’s determination to use every English word she ever read or heard. It made for some fun conversations as Alice, normally the word weirdo in her social group, tried to keep up.

After catching up on everything else in their lives, Liz leaned forward and asked, “So, what’s up with Brian? Is he dating? Do I have a chance?”

Alice swallowed suddenly. She answered, “Liz, Brian is being investigated for murdering Marina. You and I both know he couldn’t possibly have done such a thing, but as you can imagine, it makes him pretty poor company right now.”

Liz drew back in shock. “What kind of a fool District Attorney would think that of Brian? They must not have ever known true love if they think Brian could ever hurt Marina! They certainly must have never seen him with her!”

Alice replied, “Yes, I agree with you but they’re saying it has something to do with arsenic and something to do with deaths here at the hospital.”

Liz let out a torrent of Portuguese swearing directed at the hospital administrators. Alice recognized the sevidical tone and word choices but the tirade was more than her time living with Liz had made her able to understand. “What? Speak English! I can’t follow you that quickly!” she appealed to Liz.

Midstream Liz switched to English. “Those idiots! The deaths connected with arsenic have all been accounted for. The arsenic was not a cause, but a by product of some herbal concoctions those poor people had been encouraged by family members to try. Apparently the administrators haven’t notified the D.A.’s office. But I don’t understand the connection with Brian!”

Alice responded, “They told us they found arsenic in Marina’s body and they think Brian put it there. Brian admitted that Marina would have tried anything at the end. But he kept hoping for a miracle, so he would not have given her anything that would hasten it.”

“Well I’m going to do something about this today!” declared Liz. “I’m going to the administrator this afternoon and stand there while he makes the phone call. How would he like it if his beloved had died and he was accused of murdering her? Poor Brian! He must feel like the DA’s office is trying to make him feel morsicant – like those little fish with big teeth in the Amazon are surrounding him!”

Alice grinned. “They’re called piranhas, Liz, and you’re right. He can’t focus and can’t really move forward because they keep hassling him.”

At this Liz threw her napkin down on the tray, stood up, said, “thanks for lunch” and charged off towards the administrator’s office. Alice chuckled, “I almost feel a little bit sorry for him, but I’m glad this part is in the hands of the Brazilian beauty!” She took out her phone to call Brian to tell him things were moving in his direction for a change. As she flipped the phone open a pair of hands came from behind her to cover her eyes, and a very familiar sensuous voice asked, “Guess who?”


Quilldancer said...

Hope for Brian and and a possible love interest for Sis. I am enjoying this!

I especially like the way you work reminders into your story to help us remember the action to date. Very effective and smoothly done.

Jamie said...

What a great meme. I'll have to see about joining in. I'll be starting with older songs on Take This Tune tomorrow, but input for newer music for younger generations will be welcome. I look forward to your participation.

Anonymous said...

I love how you give the description of Alice and Liz. Excellent. Liz is a real spitfire I tell ya. Hmmm I wonder who is there now? Loving this story. Great use of the words as well. :)

Dr.John said...

Things were looking really good until the end. Now I'm trying to decide if the end was good or bad.
Very good writing.

Ordinarily Just Me said...

Very intriguing. I cannot wait until the next installment. I am almost suspicious though about the love interest? Is he going to be a bad guy?

SouthLakesMom said...

Quilly - thanks for the positive comments!
Jamie - I put up a plug for you today.
Thom - Liz is not based on anyone I know -- in fact, she's pretty much the opposite of most women I know!
Dr. John and Ordinarily Just Me -- heh, heh, heh....stay tuned

Cherie said...

Intriguing! Hmmmm ... who can that be now? :)