Saturday, July 4, 2009

Colorful Fourth

Today has been experiment day around here. I got up early and started some dough for Chinese Pork Buns. Made the filler yesterday so flavors could meld overnight. Once the dough was started (it needed to rise), I went back to my latest project -- painting the guest room.

The most tedious part of painting is taping and then cutting in, but since I was using a dark color, and had already painted 3 walls in a light color, I wanted to take the time to do so. Plus, I was painting on already painted paneling so I wasn't sure how it was going to take the paint. So it took about the first hour to tape, remove switchplate and vent cover, and cut in the color. The paneling was finished at the top and in the corners with trim (prior owners' choice) so the cutting in was a challenge! I could have ripped out the paneling, but I had visions of dry wall repair, etc. Hey, it's only a guest room!

I thought I'd made a huge mistake when I poured the paint into the tray. The color is called "Medieval Gold" and it looked like something I used to have to clean up during the diaper years. However, on the wall and dry, it looks really good!

After the dough had risen for 3 hours I came back upstairs and assembled the pork buns. Then into the steamer. Well...they tasted great but didn't look like anything I'd pay money for. So, back to getting the frozen ones but I'll have a whole new appreciation for the work behind them.

I've got some Island Style Ribs cooking in the crockpot, the teen girl is baking some raspberry brownies for the neighborhood get together later. All in all, a nice Saturday!


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Anonymous said...

Wow gonna be something else. Happy Fourth of July to you and your family. Aloha :)