Friday, August 7, 2009

Canada - Our Last Leg

After Lunenburg, we headed to the Fundy Coast so we could catch the ferry from Digby to Saint John. The drive over was pretty. We visited a little town named Annapolis Royal. It was a very "Tory" place, but our son decided it had some redeeming qualities. First, at the time this was "Tory", the Americans were British colonists and pretty happy about it. Second, at that time the British were fighting the French for dominance in Nova Scotia. Third, there is currently a WONDERFUL German bakery in Annapolis Royal that helped him forget all of his angst.

After Annapolis Royal we went drove down the Digby neck. It was completely unlike anything we expected. If you look at it on the map, you think it will be a spit of land with
water visible on both sides. Instead it is fairly mountainous and it was hard to see the water most of the time. On the day we were there it was also pretty foggy, so when we reached the first ferry at Tiverton, we decided to
turn around rather than pay to ride the ferry to see more fog.

Back at Digby, we stayed the night at the Admiral Digby Inn right next to the BIG ferry terminal so we'd be able to get up early and catch our ride.

The Admiral Digby Inn is run by a very nice family, the Barnes. It is a whole-family affair.

Except for the oldest son who is a professional photographer in Toronto (look him up!), they were all working very hard to make sure their guests were comfortable. Mom and dad run the business. The oldest son living at home is the Chef (professionally trained and very talented). The teens are helping in the kitchen/restaurant. Everything was clean. There's a pool that our son cavorted in quite a bit, and having cavorted he ate the "best shepherd's pie of my life." Of course the next question is always, "why don't you cook this at home?" Ummm....

The only lousy thing about Digby was something our hosts couldn't do anything about. The fog was terrible. And on the ferry over to Saint John the next morning, it was still terrible. We didn't get to see any whales. There was a very nice fellow, Brian, from the museum in New Brunswick. He was very informative about the flora, fauna and traditions of that part of the world and very apologetic about the weather.

When we got to Saint John we visited our last university and then
headed back across the border to the U.S. Spent the night at Great Pond again, drove to Westover again, spent the night and then drove home. Whew! A great trip and glad to be home!

Tomorrow, I promise, the VERY LAST photos -- this time from the Springfield Armory.


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Don't stop posting about your trip on my account! I am very much enjoying the tale and the pics!