Monday, August 31, 2009

Take This Tune

What a great end of summer choice! Jamie at Take This Tune posts a music video and words on Friday and asks us to share what it inspires in us on the following Monday. This week she's ending the summer with a great Rascal Flatts song. If you want to play, go to Jamie's site.

To be honest, when I came to the site and saw the movie photo from Cars I was immediately happy. I saw that movie with my children and my mom several years ago. We ALL loved it and I'm charmed by references to it because that was a mom-visit that was absolutely wonderful. It was before teen angst started and the children just enjoyed the time together with each other and with their grandmother.

But then to have Rascal Flatts on this week's Take This Tune too -- Wow, that's like whipped cream on the ice cream sundae! My daughter started listening to them a couple of years ago and introduced me to them. I like this tune and the words.

But my favorite song of theirs is the one she used as the backdrop for her 8th grade graduation video for her class. It was her last year at a small private school and there were only 5 of them left. It was a tough year in many ways because the social dynamics of only five students are challenging. She persevered though and I was very proud of her that she could look back at the years with mostly joy. I have this song on the mp3 player I use at the gym and each time it plays I work a little bit harder knowing that persevering in the face of adversity is what makes us better people.

So here's the link to that song. I hope you enjoy it!



Jamie said...

That song is wonderful and just perfect for a young girl just starting out in life. Thank you for participating in Take This Tune.

maryt/theteach said...

That's a great song, southLakesMom! Gotta get for my iTunes! :)

carol g said...

That is another of Rascal Flats great songs. I always enjoy listening to the group. Their sound is unique... you always know when Rascal Flats is singing the song. And "My Wish" is a great choice for your daughter and your family and all of us to weave into our daily lives.

Thank you for the visit to my blog and thank you for the concern shown for my inlaws.

Linda said...

That's most definitely an inspirational song and one well-chosen by your daughter as she continues on her life's highway.

And trust me, I so know about the whole teenage angst stuff! You have my condolences!