Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FREE Games?

There are so many computer games out there now, that to sort through them, we use the downloads through Yahoo to try them out. Some of the games are sponsored, meaning that if you're willing to sit through the ads periodically, you can play them as long as you'd like -- as opposed to the downloads that give you one hour to try the game out, but are ad-free.  OR, you can purchase the game (usually $19.99) and skip ads that way.

Most of the ads are harmless.  I can sit through a swiffer ad, or charmin, or even go get a cup of coffee or toss the darks into the dryer while they run the ad.

BUT, today; there was an ad for Victoria's Secret. Now, I like pretty underthings as much as the next girl, but if my 13 year old son had been playing this download, there is no question in my mind that he would have been very uncomfortable about it. I call it an ad, but a beautiful young girl, playing with her panties provocatively while lying on a bed  is soft p*rn.  There's nothing about this ad that sells underwear to ME! Obviously the goal is to arouse men . . . to do what?  Buy panties?

What kind of game was it?  A game that involved blowing up things on different levels.  IDEALLY suited for young boys.

I guess this might be what I'm missing because we don't watch TV -- is this is what passes for permitted advertising on TV now?

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quilly said...

I don't have TV. I don't play online games. The ads chased me away several years ago. Too much!