Sunday, July 18, 2010


If you get National Geographic, you'll have already seen these.  We LOVE it when the new one comes because the address label always has five interesting questions.  And despite the adults in our house having lived a LOT longer, and in a lot more places, the kids beat us sometimes with their answers!  Of course, we tell them that's because there are so many MORE countries now . . . and nope, they don't buy that either!

So here are the questions.  You can answer in the comments.  Or not.  Feel free to quiz your family at dinner tonight!  NO FAIR GOOGLING! (however giggling is authorized)

1. One can visit the Tiger's Nest Buddhist monastery in which landlocked Asian country known as the "kingdom in the clouds?"  Bhutan

2.  Victoria Falls, located along the Zambezi River, is shared by Zambia and what neighboring country? Zimbabwe

3.  Name the only overseas department of France in South America. French Guiana

4.  The taka is the unit of currency for what country that was formerly known as East Pakistan? Bangladesh

5.  What country in the Americas is second to the United States in meat production?  (This one surprised ALL of us). Brazil

ANSWERS IN RED.  Each of the people in our family at home got 2 right -- but not the same 2!


The Bug said...

Oh! Oh! I know #2 because I've been there! I lived in Zambia for a while & visited Vic Falls a couple of times (I even tubed down the Zambezi once). It's Zimbabwe - otherwise known as the answer my brother gave to every Trivial Pursuit question.

Is #5 Argentina? But I think they're probably AHEAD of the US, so I'll bet now.

quilly said...

I am going to guess Brazil for #5. Other than that I am totally clueless.