Sunday, November 28, 2010

Get on the Bus

My blog-friend Dana is in charge of the poetry bus this week, which is a very brave thing to do with it being a holiday weekend and being out of town herself...but since I'm procrastinating about chopping onions, I'll jump on the bus for her sake. Now remember, this may be posted on Monday, but I wrote it on Wednesday before.  Before the turkey, the relatives, the daughter's boyfriend visiting, the kids being home for four days straight. It was more a prayer than a poem, but the Bible is full of prayers that are poems. This is not the quality of the Bible, but it is heartfelt.

Peace, my friends.

Here is the prompt (choose from 3 great ones!) I selected:

In the first chapter of Isaiah God is having a fit. Quit giving me burnt offerings! Stop trampling my courts! Why do you even think I want that stuff? I am weary of bearing them… Wash yourselves! And then in verse 18 God says, "Come now, let us argue it out…" (NRSV) Now, you might not be a religious person, but I'm sure that even so you have wanted to argue with God (or Allah or the sun or your own super ego) in some manner. If you choose this prompt I'd like you to tell us about that argument.

Oh Lord, you tell me, “humility”
and I mumble, ME?
You tell me “peace, be still”,
and I find many things to do.
You call to me, “come and talk”,
and I go my own way instead.
The terrible intimacy of knowing that 
you knew me before I was formed, 
reminds me that I cannot hide from you now.
My rebellion grieves your heart.
Yet, you desire only what is best for me.
I thank my God that you are a God of humility, 
and peace, and patience,
and that you forgive me and wait for me to do things

Your way.


Larry said...

well someone finally asked the ultimate questiob what does this mean? My answer is another way of god explaining to you and me or I that man cannot direct his own steps with out accepting god as ruler the ultimate being the superior one. Aheeem um scuze me? Am I correct ?

SouthLakesMom said...

Larry, I'm not sure I understand your question.

If you're asking, is God superior to man, the answer is yes. He is God, we are not.

If you're asking, can man direct his own steps without accepting God as ruler over him, the answer is yes.

Whether or not man accepts God does not determine God's existence or character. It is only when we humble ourselves and accept that He is God that we are also able to enter into a relationship with Him and begin to understand His character.

He gave us free will. We do not have to believe in Him or worship Him. Our failure to do so does not change His existence or character in any way.

I do believe He permits us to question Him (witness Abraham, Ananias) because He knows it will lead us back to Him.

Maybe I misunderstood your query?

Also, I'm still having trouble with your blogspot. It displays really oddly -- lots of code and the text all over the place.

Jinksy said...

Of course, there is the arguement that if God is all knowing, He's already aware of the choices we are going to make - call them free, or not...

SouthLakesMom said...

Jinksy, I believe He is all knowing and is well aware of what choices we will make. Yet, Scripture says He desires that none should perish, so although He wants for all of us to come to Him, He will not force it. So I guess for me, that means we still have free will.

Some would say I'm pretty unsophisticated in that belief, but I'm okay with that too. I'd rather be safe than sorry?

quilly said...

This would have fit right into pastor's sermon this morning. Today we talked of hope -- and the longing we have to be better than we are, and the forgiveness that allows us to keep trying.

SouthLakesMom said...

Quilly - cool! Our pastor preached about the Matthew genealogy, but we lit the Hope candle for Advent, so there was hope in there too!

A lot of folks were out of town and some ill...quiet day in the nursery. I only had 2 little ones!

The Bug said...

I once wrote a poem about being a basically ok person, but being "damned" for things I did NOT do. This reminds me of that feeling - just being nice isn't really enough, is it?

Kat Mortensen said...

This is a brave piece and if I were brave enough, it is a poem that I myself would put out there for people to read. (I'm not.)

I commend you for it.


izzy said...

"the terrible intimacy of knowing you knew me before I was formed..." (!) what a wonderful truth -yowsa- Absolutely
great, thanks!

Enchanted Oak said...

It's odd that a person can desire such close companionship at the same time as she or he runs off to pursue things in a totally different area. Sort of: Lord, I hear you calling and I really want to be there, just give me a moment, will you? I'm glad he's a God of patience, else I wouldn't stand a chance.

120 Socks said...

The reader can really appreciate the power of your beliefs in this poem. Totally honest and a great sense of destiny. Hats off to you!

Peter Goulding said...

The first part of the poem with all the opposites is very biblical in its tone - I was sick and you cured me, I was blind and now I see. The whole poem is very controlled and structured and flows very smoothly right the way through.

Totalfeckineejit said...

A nice lesson in how not to listen!

Cad said...

Perhaps I have deaf ears!