Friday, November 26, 2010


That's it.  I uploaded my "still needs editing" novel this morning.  This occurred AFTER I had heart failure because when I went to do so, the novel was no longer on my desktop.  My very dear husband (who is a writer himself so he understood the panic) was able to search deeply into the computer's brain and find it.  Whew!

It's now saved as well to an external device. Live and learn.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who comes here.


Mary said...

Definite heart failure, for sure! This morning I wrote my post, and something happened because my blog took me back to the blog. I just about panicked! I'm still getting used to the new laptop, and I think my palm must've grazed the mousepad. Luckily it saved it! Looks like you survived yesterday!

quilly said...

Oh man I am so glad he found it1 And congrats!

SouthLakesMom said...

No kidding! Even though I'm ready to take a break from that story, that didn't mean I was ready to LOSE it! Whew!

Thank you for the cheers!