Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Sweet Girl

We ran by a big box pet supply store today to get some food for our parakeet.  While there we (of course) looked at the budges that need homes.  We noticed something odd, so we took photos.

Do you see how the tail feathers are so ragged - and on one of them the feathers seem to curl?  We weren't sure whether that was a different breed, or what.

Daughter was convinced it was a virus.  There was a sign that said "if you have concerns about how we treat our animals, please call us."  It had a number and she entered it into her phone.

By the time we got home, I'd forgotten all about it.  Daughter did some research on her computer and then grabbed the phone.  She talked at length to a man at the other end about her concern for these birds; that she thought it was a virus that was fatal and the birds would never be able to fly and people shouldn't buy them and take them home to their healthy birds, etc.

He listened attentively and is going to call her back after they check into it.

This girl doesn't use the phone often, and almost never to call a stranger, but when she gets upset about animals needing care ... don't get in her way.

Proud of you, L!


Sweet Tea said...

Since I know nothing about birds I would have never noticed the tail feathers. Kudos to your daughter for even noticing, and then taking ACTION. Go Girl!! Love it when someone takes a stand for "good". Quite impressive!!

The Bug said...

Oh wow that's great! I was such an apathetic kid (at least that's how I remember it) - not easily stirred to action. Good for her!