Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not SOOO Bad

I woke about 2:30 this morning, listening to the wind around us. It's a really awesome sound to hear the trees swaying, acorns dropping on the roof, along with chunks of branches.

At 2:38 (I looked), our power went out.  This is not unusual for us because of all the trees around us.  I went to unplug all the expensive electronics and returned to bed.

We got an e-mail (via my iPhone) that church was ON, so we cleaned up this morning and went.  Lots of power and Power there (ha ha).  I served in the nursery so my daughter could help with the worship music. It is such a huge blessing to be able to watch her share her voice and passion this way.

One little boy in the nursery cried the entire time.  In my lap. In my ear, with occasional screams.

On the whole, I prefer the windstorm and things hitting the roof.

At any rate, we went out to lunch and the power came back on at 1:30 -- just short of 12 hours this time.  Thank you Dominion Power and thank you God!

Thank all of you who sent prayers this way.  The only mishaps we noticed are a LOT of branches down in the yard so lots of pick-up to do in the next several days.  If only the mosquitoes had been blown out with the hurricane, it would be easy to do!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that all went as well as it did. Boy you have been through some events in the last week. Teaches humility and humbleness if you ask me. Glad you are all safe :)

The Bug said...

Glad all is well in your neck of the woods!

I would not have been able to handle the crying child. I once babysat a baby who pretty much screamed the whole time his parents were gone. I finally just put him in bed & left him there. My mom was appalled - but I thought it was really logical at the time - why hurt my eardrums if he was going to cry anyway? Sheesh - it's a good thing I never had kids!

Sweet Tea said...

Just think of all the calories you are gonna burn picking up all those branches!! You KNOW I'm teasing you. I'm really thinking, "my back is gonna hurt" if I had to do all that picking up!

So thankful your family and things are well after facing Irene (and a screaming baby!). God bless you, Friend!

Robin said...

I'm glad that Irene didn't hit you too badly. After an earthquake and a hurricane you should be about due for some peace and quiet now!

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