Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quick Update

While our friends were touristing and my dad hasn't quite arrived yet (this afternoon!), I ran to the courthouse in the next county with a friend yesterday.  She needed to get copies of things from her divorce file, so our errand was not happy and the courthouse brought back many sad memories.

But, on the way in, I noticed an Indian gentleman using his iPhone to take a photograph of three other Indians, two women and a man, sitting in front of the building on a bench.  I had actually pulled the door open and then told my friend, "wait a sec."

I went to the man and asked, "would you like me to take a photo of all four of you?"

They were DELIGHTED and grateful and sweet and so very happy.

People are not usually happy at the courthouse, so I'm not sure what the occasion was.  Perhaps a marriage, perhaps something to do with citizenship, although it was a state courthouse, not federal, so I don't know.  But it felt good.

On our way to the records room, we took a bathroom break.  My friend was washing her hands and said, "oh my goodness!"  And then started laughing.  I looked over, and she had found one of those rubber bracelets (like Live Strong). This was black and said, "Watch for God." Then she started crying. It was as if even in the bathroom of the courthouse, He was giving her reassurance of His love.

I told her to take it with her, and when she felt the Spirit move her to do so, leave it somewhere else for someone else who needs it.

Isn't God amazing how He intersects with our daily, piddly details to reveal His presence?

On the way back to the car, we saw this. I think it's a clematis.  Simply beautiful.  Again, His creation sings His name.


The Bug said...

What a lovely God-filled errand! You notice how you created some of it? That's the best kind of miracle - where we're participants. And that flower is gorgeous!

sara said...

loved this!!! Thanks for is always so encouraging to see where God shows up in other's lives!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

It was definitely a for such a time as this, moment for you and your friend. You were there at just the right time to take a photo for the family and your friend, to receive the bracelet reminder that God is there with her. Enjoy the time with your family!