Monday, September 12, 2011

Empty Tank

I'm feeling kind of empty tonight.  Today my daughter and I went to the funeral for the young boy who drowned last Thursday night.

We hadn't seen them since we left the school -- three years ago, but our memories of Jack were as clear as day. He was a pistol. He always had the next question on his tongue before the first answer was finished, and his energy was constant. He was amazingly intelligent, which put him at odds sometimes with the "norms" -- very much like my daughter, which is probably why she liked him so much.  When he was little he had a way of looking at you with his head tilted, as if he was carefully considering what you had just said.

The church today was overflowing.  There were boys in little league uniforms, people in boy scout uniforms, and many families in the Christian school uniforms that we used to wear.

Amazingly, his mother was able to stand up and tell us about Jack and his special gifts of the heart, and share so much of the joy he brought to their lives. Through Jack, she was also able to share her certainty of the Gospel of Truth.

Their grief will never cease although it may dull somewhat, allowing them to go on.  Yet, their certainty that they will see Jack in heaven sustains them.  I don't preach here very often, but praise GOD for people, who in the midst of tragedy, share their faith and their certainty that God is walking with them, carrying them when necessary.

Have fun asking all those questions, Jack.  When we get there, you can fill us in on the answers.


sara said...

my heart breaks for that family..what a handsome young man. So thankful that they know and are relying on God! I will be praying for them.

Pat said...

I am so sorry for the family's loss of their dear little son and brother. An 11-year-old neighbor boy of mine died suddenly a year ago of a heart disorder that the parents hadn't known about. I had gotten to know him really well through Good New Club--I taught the kids Bible lessons and gave my neighbor kids' rides home afterward. I was so fond of Andrew; I cried thinking about him off and on for months after he died. But I know he's in heaven because he accepted Jesus as his Savior at my Good News Club.

Sweet Tea said...

What an adorable boy.
I always wonder "why?".
I'm very sad, reading this - you must
be heartbroken.
What a wonderful family of faith to be able
to speak in the midst of such pain.

The Bug said...

I got teary-eyed looking at his picture - it just seems so senseless. But I'm glad that his family is comforted & can offer that comfort to others. That's where there is some sense...

Mary said...

Wow. I read his mother's blog post after another blogging friend linked to it in her post. I wondered what had happened. So sad, and so tragic. I'm amazed at the mom's strength.