Friday, September 9, 2011

Noah? Noah?

So let's see -- in the last month in the Nation's Capital we've had earthquake, hurricane, and now flood.  These videos are from the "peaceful" stream behind my house.  The first one is directly behind our property -- usually a 1 inch deep trickle down to the creek.  I'm sure all the geocaches formerly in our stream valley are out in the Chesapeake Bay by now.  The noise of the water is intimidating.

And not to be taken lightly.  Yesterday a 12 year old boy in the next town died when he was swept away by his neighborhood creek.  Update:  Found out this morning that the boy who died was a child from our old school.  I remember him as a mischievous kindergartner with a great smile.  My daughter babysat him a few years ago.  Please pray for the Donaldson family to find comfort and peace ... it won't come quickly or easily, I know.


Mary said...

We needed the rain, but not all at one time!!! Hope everything gets back to normal soon. Crazy, huh?

Sweet Tea said...

"Sad" just isn't even the word for all this awful destruction and the loss of a child. I am at a total loss for the right word.

Yesterday, as we were driving from Oklahoma back to Louisiana we went through a portion of Texas and though we were far away from the fires we drove through smoke until we crossed the state line. We you see the smoke and smell it the devastation becomes real...Praying for relief from all of this in our country.

The Bug said...

Scary - and especially dangerous because those streams are usually so benign. I'll be praying for that family.

Pat said...

I am so sorry to hear of the drowning of your young acquaintance. I hope the memorial service touched on the truth that all those who trust in Christ have the sure knowlege of eternity with God after our days on earth are done.

The power of even a creek when it is at raging flood level is mind-boggling.