Thursday, March 21, 2013

Signs of Spring

I was out shopping today for a plant stand (a particular size and height and no luck today) but because of it, I ran into Home Goods as well as World Market.  Look at what I found:

From Home Goods -- only .99!

From World Market -- matching stationery ... which of course I purchased too.

I love all these signs of spring. I just wish the weather knew it is spring now. Today started cold and got colder. We even awoke to a dusting of snow!

My husband has been doing ground school all week.  He was supposed to get some flying time in, but that hasn't worked due to the high cross-winds. Not great flying weather for a small plane, even for an experienced pilot. Actually, it's the experienced pilot who knows when to say "NO WAY."

Spent the afternoon baking lemon rosemary scones.  They are heavenly.  Oh my.  If you want the recipe, go to Pioneer Woman.  Her photos are better than mine. Be sure to use fresh rosemary to do this. Here's the link for the recipe:

Also cooking jaegerschnitzel for a family from church tonight. It's so easy -- pork chops, mushrooms, heavy cream, and the Maggi mix for Jaegerschnitzel. Add noodles, a salad, some scones and ta-dah!

You can get the mix at World Market. This is an amazing dish for guests.

Cold weather always makes me want to cook. Come on Spring warm weather!

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The Bug said...

Well I think I can be there for dinner in about oh, 9 hours or so :) YUM!

We had a dusting of snow too. And my boss tells me that we're getting an arctic front next week. 20 degrees this morning wasn't arctic enough? Sheesh!