Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Beauty

On Christmas Day we decided to drive over to the North Shore of Oahu, hoping that Waimea Falls would be open.  (It wasn't, but that's another day's story).

To get to the North Shore, we drove across the "Pali" or cliffs. These form the spine of Oahu, and are quite dramatic. In Honolulu the weather was bright and sunny. Fewer than 10 miles away, the weather was rain forest drizzly. At the Pali, it was also very windy! But there's a great pull-out area where you can see the north side of the island from above. Very dramatic and beautiful. I don't know how on earth the ancient Hawaiians traversed these cliffs!

I think this is the HQ for the botanical gardens, but I'm not positive.

The cliffs above us. My son kept saying how much fun
it would be to hike those hills.  Better him than me!

And finally, can anyone explain this sign?

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The Bug said...

Your photos are lovely! But, hmmm - no I can't explain that sign. How bizarre!