Wednesday, January 8, 2014

From Bliss to Brrr

When we were in Hawaii, just when it seemed that the sun was a bit too bright, or a bit too hot, a lovely trade wind would sweep through and we would exhale with sweet delight. The only day that got a bit uncomfortable was when we were on the volcano ... but it was a volcano so that's not a surprise. This morning, as I sit cozied up with my heated throw, it is 12 degrees Farenheit out there!  I'm very grateful we have our heat bill (natural gas) on a year round steady payment! And I worry about my husband who goes in to work long before the sun rises. His drive is fine -- it's the mile walk across the Pentagon parking lot, next to the river, without any protection that worries me.

At any rate, going back to Hawaii, even only in pictures and memories should warm all of us.

Day 2 in Hawaii saw us transfer our location from Hickam AFB to Waikiki.  The Hale Koa hotel is a military only hotel, run by contractors. It's a luxury hotel and is a very welcome treat for those who often don't get much vacation time, and rarely have big bucks to make it happen. Their rates are on a sliding fee scale so lower ranks can afford to stay too.  These types of places are paid for by what's called MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) funds. Those are generated by revenue from the on-base exchanges. So the next time you hear someone talking about taking away one of the military privileges like exchanges, think of the downstream effect. (And really, these days there isn't such a great savings difference on exchange purchases except if they're big dollar like appliances or furniture. Then the savings is on the fact that there's no tax. Those of you who sop at Costco are probably getting better deals on a lot of things).

The Hale Koa is in Honolulu, right on Waikiki.  We had two rooms with "partial ocean view."  This meant we could see the ocean to one side and the mountains to the other. This is what we saw:

That beach is 1/4 mile walk through lovely trees.

Almost every day. No kidding. Can you see that it's
a double bow?

Rainbow and gorgeous blue sky

Dusk -- isn't it beautiful?

That evening my mom arrived to join us and the party REALLY got going!


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