Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beautiful Illustrations

One of my jobs at the Friends of the Library is to take photos of some of the donations that are too fragile to display during the sale.  I stopped by Thursday to do so, and found some incredible magazines and newspapers. My disclaimer here is that I am NOT a professional photographer, and my purpose was just to shoot something that we could display on our blog and at the sale.  But having apologized for MY bad shots, I think you'll agree that these are exquisite!

Do you see that date?  1909!

The Delineator was a pattern company book. A good seamstress could use the drawings to fashion a gown.

Some of these fashions have made a return for young girls!

Pretentious Poochie with grand dames?

The small label near the title is the mailing label!

Our Friends group is selling all of these.  They're not in perfect condition, but they're a real find for someone who loves fashion design.  If you know anyone interested, direct them to my blog and I'll connect them with our person in charge of this type of thing!


Mary said...

Wow. It's amazing that those books are still around!

The Bug said...

Love those illustrations! But boy am I glad that I don't have to wear some of those dresses! Some of them I'd like just fine - they cover a multitude of sins :)

quilly said...

I'd love to look through them. Some lucky collector is going to be thrilled to discover these for sale.