Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quilldancing Assignment #3

From Quilly:

The photo is of the main character.
The tale must include
a four leaf clover
a golden key

Publish, then link to Quilly.  Easy. Cheap. Worth Doing.

The Golden Key
Punkin batted at the sparkly little fly moving about in the pasture. It wouldn’t hold still and she wasn’t quite coordinated enough to capture it. Then, all of a sudden, there it was, attached to her finger!

Amazed, Punkin lifted her hand up to her face and peered at the little creature. What she had thought was a little flying insect was actually a fairy!

This fairy had its rose colored arms and lovely aqua legs wrapped as tightly as possible around Punkin’s pinky. Punkin moved her hand closer to her face to examine her prize in detail. She could see that the fairy’s wings were translucent, hinting at the colors of sunrise. She could also see that the fairy’s eyes were tightly shut and tiny fairy tears were squeezing out below sparkly pink lashes.

Punkin whispered, “Don’t cry. I won’t hurt you. I was trying to find a four leaf clover so I could wish on it. I thought I saw one but you kept getting in the way.”

The fairy opened one eye to peer at the child. “Why do you need a four leaf clover?”

Punkin looked askance at the fairy, “To make a wish, of course.”

Opening her other eye, the fairy asked, “What kind of wish do you want to make?”

Punkin giggled, “I want to wish for the golden key to open the piano.”

The fairy’s eyes widened with curiosity. “The piano?”

Punkin continued. “Mommy says the piano is locked until the cows come home, and I can’t play it until I find the golden key.”

The fairy relaxed and smiled, with both eyes open. “Ah, yes, I think I remember your mommy exclaiming very loudly the other night that the cows were never coming home and you’d have to sing without the piano.”

Punkin looked sad. “Yes,” she agreed.

The fairy laughed out loud. “Do you know how to make a letter “C”?” she asked. 

With her other hand, Punkin drew one in the air.  It took form and shimmered with gold sparkly iridescence.  “Is that the golden key?” the little girl asked. The fairy nodded smiling and then pointed behind the little girl. “Look!”

Punkin turned to see that the cows were indeed coming back to the pasture. Delighted, she lifted the fairy high into the air and said, “Fly away! I can go play now!” She ran towards the house beyond the fence, circumventing the cows easily.

The fairy hovered for a moment, watching the golden C fade. “At least,” she said to herself, “now it will actually sound as much like music to her mother as it does to her.”


The Bug said...

I love this story! I'll bet my parents wish a fairy had intervened & given me some musical talent all those years I was taking piano lessons :)

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Wonderful story, I liked the happy ending, the joy of a child. My story is published, just waiting for quilly to post her story so I can link mine.

quilly said...

What an absolutely fun story! I wish that fairy had been around when I was a kid begging for piano lessons -- of course a piano might have been harder to come up with then a golden key!

I am sorry my story wasn't up this morning. I totally ignored your comment because I thought today was the 14th! I guess because we were off island all day and this was Amoeba's first day of work this week, I thought it should still be Monday.

Jim said...

This is a nice little story, Mom. I think the children will love it too. Fairies are a big hit.

And of course most of the British Isle gardens do have fairies. I have written of them several times.
My favorite was in the Isle of Man. The road actually bent around the little garden. People would pull up and leave their notes for the fairy there.