Sunday, March 13, 2011

Provocative Photo

I came across these today while scanning family photos.  Somehow I've ended up being the archivist for all the branches.  My dad was quite the genealogist so he saved every photo. His grandmother was one of 3 sisters and they had one brother.  Each received their own copy of whatever photo was taken.  So when my great grandmother died, she had "inherited" all the copies of all the photos.  Sometimes I'm scanning and I think, "I've already scanned this!" and I have...more than once, usually!

At any rate, here is one that I found particularly provocative today! The young man is my great grandfather.  This looks so "Little Rascals", doesn't it?  No one still alive knows who the little girl is.  Tell me what you think the REAL story is!

This next photo is a tribute photo.  I had run across it before but never realized who she was.  If you remember reading my story in response to Quilly's Prompt, this is the lady in that story.  The part about skating wasn't true, but the rest of it was.  This is Annie Wallace. I think she looks kind.


Mary said...

Love that picture! Hmmm...I bet it's from a wedding...he was the ringbearer and she was the flower girl.

SouthLakesMom said...

She looks determined and he looks aggrieved! Hmm...a portent for the future?

Annie Wallace actually became a practical nurse. On the back of the photo she wrote, "this was taken at school." All those school photos DO come back to haunt us!