Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Wet Heat

My friend and I headed out to ride early because it's been so beastly hot and humid.

Good plan.  It wasn't too hot, and it was very humid.  In fact, it was so humid it was rain.  We were SOAKED, but had fun.

It's been a busy biking week!

Monday the same friend and I and another lady met with the new principal of our community's Title 1 school. He is amazing and so on fire about kids making healthy choices, including BIKING!  (Happy Dance). We're trying to set up a program in which we establish an after-school club at the middle school where the kids will learn bike mechanics and safety, and they will produce bikes that the kids at the Title 1 school (elementary) can earn them by doing service projects and taking a safety class.  Our local bike club will provide helmets as needed and I think I can get our community board to provide locks.

The middle school program is funded as an anti-gang effort, and we have 7 bicycle officers assigned to our area, so we can probably get them to interact with the kids too.

The only thing we can't do is RIDE BIKES with the after school club.  Seriously, 'bicycle riding' is right up there with paragliding and bungee jumping too dangerous as a "sponsored school activity."  We gotta get that regulation changed.  Sheesh.

Here's a little quiz.
What's wrong with this crosswalk?

Tuesday I went to testify before our Board of Supervisors against expanding the Kiss & Ride at our local elementary school that will be undergoing renovation.  They approved the plan anyway, but it definitely generated a discussion about how we're making it easy for parents to default to that instead of using the FREE bus (safest) or walking or riding (healthiest).  My inner annoyed person says they caved on this because it's the opposite of the school mentioned above. It's our "mostly white" and "mostly academically advanced" school. The only minorities you see there are of Asian or Indian origin.

And today we had our early morning ride and now I'm waiting for daughter to come home from work so we can run to her favorite store for some girl time before the guys come back from their 3 day trip to see airplanes.

Loving life today.

*That wet heat title -- it's because when I lived in Vegas everyone said, "But it's a DRY heat."  No, it was just darned hot!


The Bug said...

VERY muggy here today too - and yes, there is actual rain out there now. Hope it stops in time for me to try out my new bike. Ha! And it's NOT pink. I got the basket as mostly a joke (it was only 6 bucks) - I'll probably use the space on the back to actually carry things.

Um, why is there a speed bump for the crosswalk? Don't they want people to cross more quickly? What a pain!

Very exciting about the bike program - I'll bet the kids will really get into it!

Life in a Small Town said...

Really cool about the bike program; hope it works out. Crazy that it's on the "dangerous" list.