Monday, July 1, 2013

Here Be Dragons

I erred in my evaluation of bike racks at our local schools the other day.  I didn't recognize the one at Dogwood ES because it was so innovative and creative. So here, it is, the BEAUTIFUL bike rack:

If they move it away from the wall, they can get 50 bikes on this thing!

But one thing I did recognize that day is obvious, and why the blog entry title is such:

No riding yesterday or today.  Yesterday I helped out with the bike race.  It was .. um .. boring. I don't understand the racing crowd, but hey, I was there to show the advocacy flag. That community is the main culprit in cyclists who don't obey traffic laws so it's important to try to reach out to them.  Sigh.

Today it was muggy all day.  I worked on copying the photos from my dad's service onto DVD's for the rest of the family -- don't worry, it's legal. It's the reason the photography is so expensive. You purchase the right to the photos as well.

Here's a nice one to show you. It's the chaplain -- turned out he is Southern Baptist (my mom's denomination -- and a coincidence -- you don't get to choose other than Catholic/Protestant/other) and he preached the Gospel clearly and succinctly.  Praise God.

And another favorite:

He had just played taps.

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The Bug said...

That is a cool bike rack (and bonus dragon).

I think I'm actually going to get on a bicycle on Friday! We're going to Lake Erie for the 4th (actually we'll be at Fort Meig ON the 4th). We're going to go to one of the islands & I plan to rent a bike. Woot!

Love the pictures. I'm a reformed Southern Baptist - ha! (I joined the Episcopal church about 15 years ago).