Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Again

My bike is back.  Whew!  My husband dropped me off at the shop and I rode home to make sure it was as good as new. Sweet, sweet, gear changes. Wow. What a difference.

So I signed up for a riding event in 2 weeks. 35 miles on the Tour de Prince William. That's a county southeast of us. It's their inaugural event so should be fun. I love these kinds of tours that are fundraisers for something, but that the registration fee covers. I don't like asking for friends and family for money.

My son's high school football team coach sent an e-mail yesterday reminding some of us (including us) that we have not provided the list of e-mails of people that he can solicit for $$...I absolutely refuse to do this. He says if we choose not to participate, we can donate $200 instead.

Excuse me?  There are boys on that team who never come to summer workouts or "team building service events", whose parents never serve in the concession stand or help out with the team meals, who do nothing to support anyone other than their own son, do not participate in the fundraisers, but show up when it's time for practices to begin and end up being the players who play. They are ostensibly low income, but they have the latest in Under Armour equipment and clothing.

My son shows up for everything and I've supported the concession stand and team meals and fundraisers for the last 2 years ... even though my son rarely plays. That's not why I've participated though. I did it because many hands make light work. It does seem that those of us who work are the ones with the work ethic. So what are the Under Armour kids learning about the way the world works? And we wonder why they don't do well if they get to college? Hmmm.

Now son is trying to decide whether to play at all.  It has a definite negative impact on his grades each fall. If he's just going to watch the games from the sidelines, he can spend that time doing homework and preparing for the next day. If they really DO need him, that's a different story.

Okay, rant is over. Time to get moving for the day. It's almost 6am. Good time for a bike ride...once the sun rises!

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The Bug said...

I'm glad you got your bike back - yay!

That's VERY annoying about the football program. I'll bet they'll miss your help if he decides to stop participating!