Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gotta Love a Parade

On Friday after Thanksgiving, several of our bike committee members met up to ride in the annual Christmas parade welcoming Santa to our Town Center. Fortunately, we didn't have to be there until 10:30 -- enough time for the world to warm up. Even so, I dressed in a bunch of layers!

Since our community is getting a new subway stop in 2014 (was supposed to here already, but that's another story), the theme was "Destination Reston."  Our Homeowners Assn built a float with a metro car on it, pulled by one of the HOA trucks. In addition, we had pedestrians and 4.5 bicyclists.  Craig was the "tourist" on his recumbent bike. Burton was the "businessman" commuting on his foldable bike.  Amber and her daughter were the "parent and child" bike riders (her daughter on the tagalong being the .5)
 and I was the "lady who shops."  I used my older bike and filled the baskets with plastic bags for a (lightweight) base. On top of that I had a poinsettia plant, a loaf of bread, and a bottle (empty) of sparkling cider. On the other side I had a yoga mat and a stuffed dog.  The kids loved the dog.  I filled my front basket with bike maps that I gave away along the route. It was a lot of fun. Several women asked me where to get those baskets -- so I think the point was made! You CAN shop by bike!

Yes, we are OFFICIALLY a bronze level "Bicycle Friendly Community"

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The Bug said...

That's great! I love your coat - & I see that you're wearing the scarf :)

I actually rode my bike on Saturday & Sunday - it was so nice here! I have been missing it so much - and my body really misses it. If I was wondering if riding my bike really helps my joints then this is the answer: YES it does!