Saturday, November 23, 2013

Unrecorded Saddle Time

This was an interesting week to ride! I led a ride on Tuesday with a new friend, Vanessa.  She came from the West, another from the East, and I from the South and we met at one of my favorite places, Green Lizard Bike & Coffee Shop.  After dosing ourselves with the hot caffeinated stuff, we headed east on the W&OD.  We went as far as the I-495 bride since I wanted the new friend to see how far she could get via the trail! This was on my road bike.

Then we headed back and oh, my, goodness.  HEADWINDS.  We fought our way back to Vienna where Susan peeled off. I stayed with Vanessa back to the Reston Town Center, and then she headed on up the trail home.

Felt very wind-whipped when I got home, and had ridden about 38 miles at about 13 mph.

On Thursday I met up with a friend to bike and cache.  We found Stage 1 of a multi-stage.  We were stymied by Stage 2 and decided to get warm and coffee'd instead!  Since I was carrying my caching gear, I took my Bianchi that day. It was fun but I was glad we didn't go too far.

Friday I went to pick up college girl and today I've been working on Exchange student stuff.  The temps are dropping and the winds are high, so it's a good day to NOT ride!

Bought a bread maker and have been indulging all of us with fresh loaves.  Ymmm. I'm trying to not think about all the cooking I'll be doing next Thursday...maybe if I shape some bread like a turkey they'll let me off the hook?

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The Bug said...

I'm pretty sure they would notice that it wasn't actually turkey :)

It's so cold here today - 25 right now, but it was 15 when I got up this morning. Brrr! I had halfway thought of trying to get out to ride my bike, but I'm sorry, I'm just not that hardy!