Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 5, 6 of 30 Days

Day 5 I didn't ride.  I know, I already broke my pledge.  I was going to take my bike up to Greenbelt, ride from the Metro to the Mini Maker Faire, and ride back to the station.  The time required to go via metro and bike would have been about 90 minutes each way.  I drove instead, and it was still 40 minutes each way. When I got there it was cold and windy, so I was glad I had.  The Mini Maker Faire was fun.  I made a felt coaster (shown here) and met a very nice lady who I want to have at our next Nova Mini Maker Faire.  I also did some origami folding with a young man, Justin, and showed him how to do the crane. Mostly I just enjoyed talking to people.

Today my son and I did an hour or so of yard work and then went for a bike ride. We rode to the nearby shopping center to have lunch at Subway. They have a new mediterranean sub with feta cheese, tzatziki sauce, and flatbread. Yummm...  Oh, and first thing this morning we made cheese danishes. They're his favorite. This recipe was good, but we will improve upon it in the next batch -- in about a month!

So, Day 6 back on track.  We have a 90% chance of rain tomorrow though so I'm not sure it will be a good bike day!  My new sign:


Sweet Tea said...

Pouring bucket after bucket of rain here today. Bike riding would definitely be a no no for today if you lived here...enjoyed hearing about the origami and such. You do " get around", Girl!

The Bug said...

It's pouring here today too - if I don't get those rain pants I might miss riding today darn it!