Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring! Not an April Fool's trick!

I think...although today someone told me we're supposed to get snow again next week.  I didn't quite say "BITE YOUR TONGUE" but I was tempted.

Today was the first real GLORIOUS day of biking weather so far.  I rode yesterday to a meeting in the afternoon but the winds were really high.  Today was perfect.  I met some Babes on Bikes for a quick 18 or so miles.  We saw two hawks -- one each way.  The first one was carrying his(her?) breakfast in the talons.  Yummmmmm!

Well, it was supposed to be 18.  But I rode to the meeting place, and after our ride realized I'd left my sunglasses back at the coffee shop, so I rode back there (I told them to go on home as they both had driven to the meeting place), and then rode home.  So my mileage today was ... let's see ... 3.5 to meeting place, 16 miles riding with Babes, 2 miles back to find glasses, 5 miles home...about 28 miles.

Yes, my parts are telling me that two days in a row after inactivity is insulting.  And tomorrow my friend Amy and I are going to ride to Arlington for a meeting.  That'll be about 15 each way.

And why are we doing this?  Because April is bike every day month!  There's a challenge to bike every day in April and if enough people pledge, the organizers will donate bikes to kids.

It's at 30daysofbiking.org and it's going to be great.  Except for those two days I'll be flying to Texas and back.  Gotta think about how to work a ride in those days.

I love this group since their tag line is:

A community of joyful cyclists



The Bug said...

I actually went out & biked in the rain on Wednesday - and then realized that I am NOT equipped for wet weather! My jacket was fine, but my jeans were soaked, & I don't really have anything else that would be any better (sweat pants would be even worse!). I'm hoping that it warms up & I can wear shorts.

SouthLakesMom said...

Rain riding is definitely challenging -- but be glad you have fenders on your bike!

You could buy some rain pants if you're determined to ride in the rain. They're not terribly expensive at Walmart, etc.