Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What a Day, What a Ride

Hooray!  I got to ride with my buddy Betty again today.  We met at Falls Church, rode through Rosslyn, through Georgetown, along the river, and down to see the cherry blossoms.

Today was the 60th anniversary of Marian Anderson singing at the Lincoln Memorial so there was a big hoorah going on there.

I also saw the FDR memorial -- hadn't seen that before. It's very nice, but I'm done with memorials on the mall. You can hear people talking as if they're at Disneyworld, "We've done the Lincoln, Jefferson and FDR. We still have to get across the river for Arlington and then back to do, etc..."  There are so many that there's no opportunity to pause and reflect -- more checklist than memorial.

On our way back we went past National Airport and through Shirlington. Good thing because we happened upon a young nurse who had a flat. We helped her get it changed and rode with her a little while so we were sure she was okay to get home.  We had pretty bad headwinds when we were at our most tired, but we survived.  TWENTY-FIVE miles!

I'm tired.  Enjoy the photos!

Jefferson through the cherry blossoms

Betty grins at Lincoln

Nice shot of Washington except for those cranes!

Tulip tree on the way home

Lincoln -- Betty is helping some tourists by taking their photo

Blossoms along the tidal basin

Waterfall at the FDR memorial

I am so lucky to live and ride here!


Sweet Tea said...

Yes - what beautiful sights to see as you ride! I thought of you today when I was at Target. They had the cutest tee shirt with a bicycle on the front. Loved it and was gonna take a photo of it for you but I had forgotten to put my camera in my purse. We all know a Blogger should never leave home without her camera/phone.

SouthLakesMom said...

Thank you for thinking of me anyway!

The Bug said...

What a fabulous day! I'm jealous.