Saturday, December 18, 2010

Driving While Under the Influence

of Sarah Palin...

Sorry, didn't want you all to think I'd lost ALL my senses.  It has been a particularly challenging 24 hours though.

Last night, the original plan was to take the daughter to S County to see the boyfriend, stay with his family (strictly G rated) and they'd bring her home in time for events today.

BUT, snow.  And BUT dentist appointment after school.

So we were home.  After dinner, I looked at hubby and asked, "do you feel okay?"

Then he confessed he'd had a toothache for 2 days.  So he dosed some more Advil and went to bed.

About 1:30 this morning he woke me to say he was going to the ER.  By now his face was swollen. He told me to stay in bed and he'd call if he couldn't drive home.

About 6:30 this morning I realized he still wasn't home. So I called the ER and they said they had just released him.  He walked in the door about 30 minutes later -- having stopped off to pick up donuts for the men's group at church that he belongs to.  He dropped them off but didn't stay.  Last night they gave him IV antibiotics and did a CT scan and dug around and it turns out to be an abscess going into the sinuses.

OUCH.  So today we worked on follow up appointments.  Now mind you, we're supposed to get on a plane on Wednesday to go to a high altitude location!

BUT today we girls were to meet to celebrate Oma's 86th birthday with high tea at the Ritz Carlton (we always do that).  After that I took daughter down to boyfriend's family and then drove home. About 3 hours round trip.

SO, if you've hung in with me this far and STILL want to know what this has to do with Sarah Palin . . . .(sorry no camera shot - I was driving!) This is what made the trip worth it.

On the way to BF's house, we passed a gas station with all those blow up Christmas things.  Santa had a reindeer nuzzled up to one side, but it was in a "just shot" crouch-- a victim of a tear or blowout in the fabric. Although . . . I couldn't see the far side. I don't know what Santa had in his hand. AND . . .

Santa did not look ONE BIT remorseful.

Now do you get it?


Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHA You Go Sarah!!!! She's my idol. :) North To Alaska Their going North the rush is on! LOL Too funny. Sorry to hear about your husbands tooth. I do hope that it is taken care of enough so you can make the trip to Brekenridge. So tell the dentist to buckle down and get it fixed pronto. :)

quilly said...

There is nothing I hate worse than a toothache! And I really do wish you'd have gotten that pic! No remorse -- that cracked me up.

Mary said...

Ha! That is too funny!
Hope your hubby is okay; that sounds like that hurts!