Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Moments I Live For

Scene:  Morning

16 year old daughter, getting ready for school, still dark out, and it's REALLY cold AND she internalizes her stress about grades.

Sounds like the recipe for disaster.

I have learned that to just make her lunch, and get some breakfast ready for her, and not tell her the time hacks until it's 5 minutes before the bus comes is the safest way to start the day without explosions.

But this morning she bounced into the kitchen, packed up her lunch, grabbed her breakfast and said,


I don't say that often enough.

I love you.

Truly a good beginning to the day.

Thank you, God.


sara said...

this made my mama's heart smile!!! That will certainly carry you for a while!!

Anonymous said...

Brought a huge smile to my face :)