Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Target Locked On!

I have to love my Target. I stopped in today to get one last item for our trip. I TRIED to pick up more items, but I'm just shopped out. It wasn't happening.

So I got in line behind 2 other people who had about 20 items each. There weren't any '5 items or fewer' lanes so I used the time to site-see.

And just about dropped my jaw.  Hanging over my cashier lane, in BIG RED LETTERS was


Not Happy Holidays.
Not Seasons Greetings.

And then the cashier, as she took my paltry $20.10 and gave me $3 change said,


and the really strange thing is that if you look at her,
she doesn't appear to be 'in the club.'
I think she even might have come from some Other Place
and might even practice some Other Religion

I was so startled that I wanted to hug her.

Instead, I smiled a huge smile back at her and said


this may just be a brilliant marketing strategy by Target

but it worked.

After all, I'm telling you, right?


Mary said...

I worked at Target part-time a few years ago. Nobody told me not to say Merry Christmas, and I told someone that if I was told not to, they could fire me. You know, a few years ago (the same time when I worked there), there was a rumor going around that Target had instructed its employees to not say "Merry Christmas". Turned out not to be true, though.

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is a great strategy :) Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have a great time in Brekenridge :)

KB said...

We say Merry Christmas in New Zealand so a big Merry Christmas from me.

quilly said...

I got a "Merry Christmas" at Wal-Mart the other day. I quite liked it, but I didn't think to blog about it!