Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let it ...


It's the first one of the season.
I didn't believe them, so I was out finishing Christmas shopping.
They were right.
I drove carefully.

Arrived home to a very excited message from daughter.

They're letting school out 2 hours early.
It's falling steadily, and because of our cold temps the
last several days, sticking right away.
It is supposed to continue until 9pm this evening,
so I guess it's an abundance of caution to let them out.

She doesn't realize that means she'll have time to finish picking
up the stuff on the floor of her room.
I'm taking away the laptop until it's finished.

Heh heh.

Just call me Scrooge.


Anonymous said...

Scrooge!!!! LOL I'm going to have to send smoke signals to your daughter and tell her to say I love you mom more often for her to stay outta trouble LOL :) It's cloudy and crappy weather here today as well. Yesterday bright and sunshiny my how Mother Nature can get her knickers waded up so quickly LOL

The Bug said...

It snowed here for most of the morning - there were several inches on the ground by the time I headed to work. I drove VERY slowly, but I have a car that handles snow well.

Robin said...

How fun to get a (half of a) snow day! I miss those stolen days off, it never ever ever snows where I live. Hail, yes. Rain, yes. Wind of biblical proportions? Yes. Freaking mud raining out of the sky? Yes. But snow? Nope, never.

Of course I don't miss the cold at all, so I suppose there's that :).

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