Sunday, February 6, 2011

Curbing the Sweet Tooth

I was wasting time at the local bookstore and saw this cookbook in the sale bin.  I love cookbooks, and my rule is that if I flip through it and see 10 recipes that use ingredients I already have in my cabinet, and that aren't repeats of what I have, I seriously consider buying it.  Since this was also on sale, I jumped.

So . . . it's a low-glycemic index cookbook. Low glycemic eating plans are designed to help you cut your addiction to unhealthy sugars. But the authors are normal people, not folks who are building an empire, so the recipes are accessible and sound tasty.

I'm going to challenge myself to cook my way through this entire cookbook, blogging about it all the way.  This sounds like it's no big deal, but there are some pages buried in there that have fish in them. I'm not a big fish fan, so we'll see how it goes.

I'll post recipes, especially if I tweak them. Hope you find something good to enjoy along the way!

On another note, last night the youth at our church put on a praise and worship service that they planned, directed, ran, etc. themselves.  The only adult help was that they asked the worship team to help on the music back-up.  They did a good job, and it seems to have planted a seed for them to do more.

Personally, I was thrilled to see my daughter participating and letting the Spirit move her. She is never so beautiful as when she is worshiping the Lord.  The photos are horrible, but they're what we have.


The Bug said...

I'll be interested in hearing about those recipes - I could definitely stand to have my sweet tooth curbed :)

I remember doing music in church when I was in high school. We didn't really have a youth group, but there were a few of us around the same age. It was a really good experience.

Mary said...

Oh, good! I'm always looking for good recipes, and if they're healthy, that's even better!