Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fighting Cabin Fever

Last week, we missed school Wednesday through Friday due to snow and ice events. Then came the weekend, and this week, ny children have had two days (Monday & Tuesday) which were pre-scheduled to be teacher training days for the end of the quarter.  I know that most of the teachers get their grades finished and in before these days occur because the days are actually meeting/training days that the union has negotiated into the contract.

It seems logical that the school district could have said school will be OPEN this week, and not be in the hole for snow days already, but the union contract said something along the lines of "no teacher will have to interface with students on predesignated teacher work days."  I jest, but I'm guessing I'm not far off.

In between all the ice and snow, we've had some opportunities to get out (like yesterday), but mostly, we're surrounded by snow, ice, and cold.  And there's more on the way.

Thus, everyone here is suffering from a little cabin fever.  We've baked everything we wanted to, cleaned up our rooms, worked some puzzles, watched the shows we "never" have time for ...

Fortunately, in our area, there's a perfect cure for cabin fever.  It's called

and this is what we could see from our booth

Guess who's minding the thermostat?

And when we went outside, there were some stone guards in their caps of snow, ensuring that only those who love pizza should enter the shopping area.

Seriously though, we've gone to this place since before the kids were born.  The original store was on Duke Street over in our old neighborhood in Alexandria.  The place was in a DUMP of a building, but the pizza was delicious. The new place is much cleaner. Another thing is different, we noticed.  When the kids were infants, it was a LOT cheaper to go there!  With both of them ordering entrees, and us sharing a pizza, it was still the better part of a hundred bucks!  Of course, the portion sizes ensure a large lunch the next day, but still...it's a cabin fever treat, once in a while.

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The Bug said...

Sounds great - I could go for some pizza right now. Well, maybe not RIGHT now since it's 9:12 at night - but maybe tomorrow :)