Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank You

To all the veterans in my family, living and not, thank you. 
Thank you for answering the call to service to our country.

To my husband, father of my children,
who takes on the scary bad guys so that the rest of us
can stay safe and free, words fail.
We love you.

To all the military kids:
I too have shared the waiting and wondering and worrying;
I've shared the anxiety of once again being the new student;
I know it isn't easy.
Thank you for hanging in there even when it's really not fun anymore.

To all the military spouses:
I've shared your anxiety of your beloved being in a war zone;
I've shared your difficulty in re-integrating these strangers
back into our lives after each deployment;
I've shared the sadness of tucking children in at bed at night
knowing I wasn't doing it 'like Daddy did'.
Thank you.

To all the military parents:
My son fully intends that I will join your ranks someday.
I pray that he will be as proud to serve our country as were
his father, mother and grandfathers.
I pray that your beloved child will be home soon and safe.

There's a bumper sticker that says,
"If you can read this, thank a teacher."
How about one that says,
"If you are allowed to read anything you want to,
thank a soldier."

Happy Memorial Day seems a weird way to express it
Solemn and Appreciative Memorial Day to you All.


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