Friday, November 6, 2009

Can You Figure These Out?

It's nice to have something lighthearted to read today.
Our bases in the US are supposed to be places
of refuge in between deployments,
places to restore, retrain, reunite, relax.
Our prayers are with the Ft. Hood families.

Some of these are very clever.
And I think one is absolutely brilliant!
Guess which one that is...

MUTT DOC A veterinarian
FEARLES (this on a mini-cooper) Fearless
IRSH AYS (For you, Susan!) Irish Eyes
ROVNRN (A visiting nurse?)
MNYHAHA (From the shores of Minnetonka...)
WTITIS What it is...
KDBOX (a Honda Element) Kid Box
4R3 XYZ For Our Three Boys (get it? Boys are xy)
ITLG8 I tailgate (!)
MEOWX2 Someone loves cats
FB4 EVR (Virginia Tech Plate) Football For Ever (either that or facebook)

E-mail me the answers! I'll post what I think on Monday so when
I can't figure out Quilly's pun I'll still feel pretty smart. Grin.

My favorite is the 4R3 XYZ -- it is just so clever!


Quilldancer said...

Only 3.5 hours sleep. No brain power. Sorry.

Dr.John said...

I not only can't figure out Quilly but I 'm not sure of your question.

SouthLakesMom said...

Dr. John - the question is to figure out what the license plates meant...