Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Randomly Thankful

I am thankful for Lidna at 2nd Cup of Coffee because she has introduced me, via this meme, to a great body of men and women who are caring and giving. Most of us don't know each other in person, but everyone is very kind and supportive. How cool is that? THANK YOU, LINDA and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

1. Are you sticking to traditional Thanksgiving foods this year, or are you being culinarily adventurous?
The extended family members who join us for the meal are easily rattled, so we'll be traditional on Thursday. But on Friday or Saturday, I give my family a culinarily adventurous treat.

2. Tell me something concrete that you're thankful for. (Something you can literally touch, see, etc., not a concept like "hope.") My home and the people who live in it.

3. You knew the flip side was coming: Share about something intangible that you're thankful for. My Jesus.

4. Share one vivid Thanksgiving memory. It doesn't have to be deep or meaningful, just something that remains etched in your memory.

Forty-four years ago we didn't get to have Thanksgiving turkey with our mama or daddy because we got a much
better celebration. My dad was away with the army, and mama was in the hospital. She had promised that when she returned she would bring us a baby and because I was such a good helper, the baby would be mine
to help with. I had just turned four so I thought this was a reasonable request by her -- I thought I was certainly up to the challenge.

We met my baby brother on November 23, 1965. He was a lot bigger than I thought he'd be, but smaller as well. He wasn't quite ready to wear spurs and a hat and boots and play with me, but I knew there'd be time. Yesterday we celebrated the man he has become through our parents' love, God's grace, and DESPITE his two older sisters. I love you bro, and I'm sorry we didn't let you grow up until we left for college.

5. What is one thing that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt is going to happen this Thanksgiving because it always does, year after year?
One young guest will refuse to eat anything home made. He's 9. It floors my kids when they see him refuse what to them is normal food. But his mom doesn't cook and doesn't enforce the 'just try it' rule...so there you go.

6. Do your pets get any left-overs?
No, but as I do all the prep work chopping she gets to have leaves (parsley, celery, etc.) You should see her after she eats celery leaves. They're like budgie crack.

7. Does your family pray before the big meal? If so, do you join hands while seated, stand, repeat a formal prayer or offer a spontaneous prayer? Who does the praying? We pray, seated, and it's spontaneous. My husband prays. For our extended family that visits, these occasions are the only time they pray.

8. Will you be watching football in the afternoon? If not, what will you be doing? We don't eat until 3. And we don't have TV, so no, we don't watch football. But in the morning, while I finish up in the kitchen, the kids and dad are going for a spin on the lake in the canoe. I REALLY want them out from under my feet so this is a blessing!

9. There are two distinct camps of people on this issue: How do you feel about oysters in the dressing/stuffing?
Nope. Cornbread and Sausage.

10. Do you consider yourself informed about the first Thanksgiving?
I've read a lot about the different view points, so yes, but I don't let it constrain or define our celebration.

11. Which variety of pie will you be enjoying? Pumpkin!

12. Do you feel for the turkey?? (This is a humorous throw back question related to the 12th question in
another Random Dozen!) Nah. Domestic turkeys are so dumb!


Catherine said...

I'm grateful for this meme, too -- it's introduced me to so many terrific people, and it provided a much needed support network during my mother's recent passing.

Loved your answer about the pets!

Have a lovely holiday.

Mocha with Linda said...

I so agree with you about the community!

And I loved your answers!

Kim said...

I'm always sad to see a child refuse good food. I don't understand parents who put up with that! That's not doing them any good. okay, I'll get off my soapbox now :-)

What a great tradition for the hubs and kiddos to take a canoe ride in the morning! I'm sure that's something they can use to answer random questions like #4 in the future :-)

No doubt I'll have a chance to share what Thanksgiving means to Americans as I administer the oral English exams on Thursday. The kids especially are always interested in "what things are like in the U.S." Adults, not so much.

Thena said...

Thank you for your comment this morning. It brought me to your blog and I'm enjoying reading your answers. Picky 9-year old I hear you, my step-son is 10 and if it's not from Mcdonald's or out of a can he has to ask us what it is. Because his Mom doesn't cook. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Melli said...

I absolutely LOVE your number 8! I haven't watched television in about 12 years now -- and I don't miss a THING about it! I am sO proud that you are raising your family without it!!! That is SUPER!

You know what? I raised all 4 of my kids the same -- but I had ONE that would NOT try anything! He would go to his room for a WEEK before he would taste something that he didn't want to try! I worried myself sick that he wasn't getting the nutrients that he needed and all kinds of HORRIBLE things were going to happen to him... I discussed it with my pediatrician and he told me "Mom! Don't worry! He's healthy - he will grow!" (you would have to hear my pediatricians THICK Palestinian accent!) But anyway - he turned out to be right! Derek still doesn't eat much - but he's 20 years old and healthy as a horse! And he grew up eating squeeze cheese and crackers for HIS Thanksgiving meal! (because after the doc said it - I just made his day as special for HIM as it could be! HE loved squeeze cheese!) ROFL!

Susanne said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift that was!

Loved reading your answers. Happy Thanksgiving.

Taylor said...

Loved reading your answers! Happy Thanksgiving!

I am trying hard to not raise picky eaters! I hope it is working!

I did a random dozen, too

skoots1mom said...

great answers
kids will eat when they're hungry...
enjoy your holiday!

Anonymous said...

Very nice answers my friend. :) No football? hmmmm but the canoe ride sounds great :)

Quilldancer said...

Let the kid that won't eat healthy food go hungry -- and his parent's too! Argh! (Oh, wait. That wasn't very Christian, was it?)

Hopefully the child will mature and notice the other kids around him are eating the foods he won't touch. Peer pressure doesn't always bring only bad changes.

Susan said...

Great answers to this meme. I love it. I hear you about people who have kids who refuse to eat. I think at least tasting is good and important. I think one of the things that really bother me is when people make a totally different meal for kids at every single meal.

Anyway, enjoyed my visit and pray that you have a fabulous Thanksgiving celebration.

Amy said...

What a special Thanksgiving memory!! I am glad your getting a new baby was such a thrill for you. I hope this year's Thanksgiving is a good day for you and your, obviously, loved family!!

Tabi said...

Love you answer about when your baby brother was born! So sweet!! I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

#6 made me laugh at 5:52 am on Thanksgiving day! We used to see this with our birdie, too! have a wonderful day. Thank you for such sweet words at the beginning of your post!